Rewarding Staff For Great Customer Service

YouTube Rewards Worker For Great Customer Service

It’s human nature that we share negative experiences as we share what should have happened and how bad our experiences are.  The funny thing is we aren’t so quick to share when we experience something great.  Like a water damage restoration company that attends to your emergency call quick time in your hour of need, or the restaurant worker who goes above and beyond to ensure you have a great night out with your family.

Is this because of the age of entitlement?  Do we feel that we are entitle to phenomenal levels of customer service and as such this becomes the standard level of expectation, and anything below that simply isn’t good enough? If so, then what will it take for us to recognise when someone delivers something more?

We’ve all been there when we get the worst of the worst when it comes to customer service. When it comes to the retail and fast food industry, it can feel as though the only customer service available is bad customer service. That’s why YouTuber Jack Vale set out to find good customer service.

Vale went to the extra step of using a hidden camera so that he could record the good acts in the spur of the moment. This way, the employees would be giving him good service without knowing they were being recorded. When he did indeed find some people who went out of their way to give the man good service, he made sure to reward them properly, much to their surprise. Check out the video and watch a couple of people genuinely brighten each other’s day.